Monday, 1 April 2013

01/04/2013 - Second Weigh In

Well, I did it, I got on those scales again, for the second time, to be weighed, and I lost 1lb :D I was so pleased because this week, on Friday I pigged out a little, had lots of chocolate at work as it was my last day and then had wine when I got home, and it's been Easter weekend, so I was super pleased. If you have seen my food diary for today then you would have notice I hardly had anything, that is because I haven't documented on there what I had for my treat after being weighed. I had a small thin crust pizza from Pizza Hut (ham, chicken, peppers, onions, bbq sauce + double cheese), a side order of nachos, a small bag of Rowntrees randoms, a tube of smarties and practically all of my Hello Kitty Easter Egg. 

Rebecca xo

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