Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Extra Easy

With Slimming World, their are three different plans you can follow, red, green or extra easy. I follow extra easy because personally, its the best, you have so much variety that you can choose from that you don't seem to fret so much about what your eating.

You get 'Super Free Foods', 'Free Foods', 'Healthy Extra's' and 'Syns'.
Your 'Super Free Foods' are all your fruit and veg, you can eat it until your blue in the face, their is no limit on how much fresh fruit and veg you eat.
Your 'Free Foods' are foods you most probably find yourself eating quite a lot normally, like: fish, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products, starchy veg, rice, pasta and meat replacements. All of this you can also eat until your blue in the face.
Your 'Healthy Extra's are your A and your B, with the extra easy plan they want you to have one A and one B a day, which at first I thought was going to be tricky, but actually its not. Your A is milk or cheese and then the B's are cereals, bread, dried fruit, canned fruit, cooked fruit, soups, olive oil, nuts and seeds. Theirs quite a choice, so I had cereal and milk for breakfast, then that's my A and B eaten for the day :)
Then theirs your 'Syns' which is basically anything that isn't on the other three lists. You get 5-15 syns a day, which honestly 15 syns is quite a lot. For example, one Jaffa Cake is 2.5 syns, so if I felt as though I just wanted chocolate and that I really needed chocolate, then if I just had super free and free foods for all that days meals, then I could use up all my 15 syns and have 6 Jaffa Cakes :)

Rebecca xo

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