Tuesday, 26 March 2013


On Monday 18th March, I joined Slimming World, with my mum, we recently moved house and through researching online, found out that their was a local Slimming World literally 5minutes from our new house. So we took a dive into the unknown water and went along to join. Now I new a little about Slimming World through my parents following it before but I never joined in. Now I have a cruise coming up in July, and also I am off to Borneo in September to help look after the Orangutans and explore the island through jungle trekking and trip on long boats, therefore I really want to lose some weight and improve my fitness.

So, this page on my blog is going to be 100% dedicated to my Slimming World journey, I shall be posting recipes to meals I cook, my food diary to show what I have been eating, little snippets into how I am feeling and it's only fair that I show how I get on at each weigh in.

Rebecca xo

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